Mindfulness † Meditation † QiGong † Yoga † Tai Chi † Yoqi

FRAME OF MIND Self-Health Practice

Integral Qigong & Tai Chi™, Tai Chi Easy™, Healer Within™ Medical Qigong (IIQTC), Mindfulness Meditation, Self Massage, Gentle Movements and Self Healing Techniques and Breath Work. All Welcome!

Register here: FRAME OF MIND Mindfulness & Qigong Meetup http://meetu.ps/c/3Wvnn/B793C/d on Meetup

Additional Services


For students and athletes, schools districts/ higher ed featuring (Calm Classroom), (*Koru) teachers and professionals. Increase  concentration, attention and focus, self-confidence and balance. Reduce stress and performance anxiety. Private, teams, and corporate. NYS Department of Education Certified. Approved NY State Vendor. Liscensed & Insured.

Therapeutic & Recreational Services

A beautiful self-health practice for your Hospital, Senior Center, Assisted Living, Veterans Home, or Community Center! Perfect for active-aging adults and seniors. Balance restoration, fall-prevention and brain-building activities. It's FUN!

Private Individual & Special Events

Melt away stress one on one!  Host a meditation and flow party! For emerging adults, professionals, ladies night, parents, seniors, retirements, and anyone who wants to feel good and improve overall happiness. Showers, bachelor/ette parties, weekend retreats and more. 

Invite FRAME OF MIND Self-Health Practice today!  NYS Department of Education Certified. Approved NY State Vendor. Liscensed & Insured.

*Koru Mindfulness Meditation Classes, for emerging and adults of all ages will be held at The Community Growth Center starting in September. For more information please contact:

Stephanie Neidhart, RYT200, TCEPL, HWPL




Created by Stephanie Tarantino Neidhart