Mercy+Motion = Witness Fitness


Be a witness! It works and makes your soul body feel great!

Ask your church to start a "Witness Fitness Ministry" with me!


Stephanie Neidhart is a Tai Chi Easy™, Qi Gong, and  Mindfulness Practice Leader. She founded FRAME OF MIND - Christ-Centered Self-Health Practice for A Balanced Body, Well Mind & Holy Spirit after an experience with a TBI. She shares her practice with anyone who wants to heal and grow in the light of the Lord. Stephanie was trained at the Institute for Integral Qigong & Tai Chi™ (IIQTC) and now is a Certified Tai Chi Easy™, and Healer Within™ Medical Qigong Practice Leader.

Stephanie specializes in a Spiritually Infused Practice that combines individualized programming and uses adaptations that include seated postures, stretching, flowing motion, meditation and breathing, laughing, calming techniques for overall health, stress reduction strategies, and general  well being.

She offers private individual and group practice for everyday well-being to churches, retreat centers, athletes, business professionals, and care-givers, for adults, adolescents and children. People who practice have found that it has significantly helped with:

•Balance Restoration & Fall Prevention

•Pain Management, Increased Circulation & Energy

•Relationships - with the Lord, friends, parents, siblings, schoolwork, marriage, sports and other activities

•Increased sense of calmness, attention, relaxation, self-acceptance & self-esteem

•Increased emotional regulation & social skills

•Fewer conduct and anger management

•Decreased stress-related health and sleep problems

•Decreased anxiety (specifically test anxiety and social anxiety)

* Concussion & Addiction Recovery

A Moving Prayer, FRAME OF MIND uses faith-based adaptations from the Vitality Method of Bu Zheng Medical Qigong and the Healing Resources of Faith in Christ's Love & Mercy:

  • Gentle Movements
  • Spontaneous Qigong
  • Self-Massage Techniques
  • Breath Practices
  • Meditation Techniques
  • Mindfulness and Concentration Practice

Stephanie Neidhart

Sound Beach, NY

(631) 601-3051

Jezu, ufam Tobie.

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