Love Notes & Testimonials

Dear Stephanie,

                I would like to take this time and opportunity to say thank you for all you do for the residents at Dominican Village.  Each person that is a part of your Mindfulness Meditation class is truly touched by you and the gift that you bring.  The individuals here benefit greatly from your peacefulness, guidance and inspiration.  I can see it clearly on their faces after each of your classes how happy and serene they become after a visit with you.

                Your sessions are very powerful and motivating in helping our residents to stay centered to being present each day.  Thank you for your continued effort, care and expertise dedicated to our community.


Sarah Fitzpatrick, Activities Director

Dominican Village


"Stephanie’s QiGong therapy was an incredible addition to my yoga studio. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend her classes myself and couldn’t deny how positively it affected me and the other participating students. Her instructions are clear, motivating, inspiring and physically enjoyable. I love how she explains what we're doing and why. It helps to be mindful, in the moment and connected to the practice. Stephanie is a great person with a great and bright attitude that always leaves you feeling full and recharged. I find her classes extremely useful for balancing my emotional and energetic state."

Nino, Owner

Sankalpa Yoga Port Jeff

"Stephanie is a gifted and passionate teacher. Her insightful and gentle approach helps people grow in body, mind and spirit. Stephanie has lead Qigong, Yoga and meditation classes for the CGC, all have which have been extremely successful in helping our community heal."

- Michael Hoffner, LMSW

Founder, Community Growth Center

Author: God's Presence in the Present

"I can’t say enough about Stephanie and her ability to teach Tai Chi at St. Charles hospital. Stephanie has incredible adaptability with the patients. Her flexibility allows her to quickly switch tactics if a patient cannot perform an exercise or becomes fatigued. Stephanie is an amazing instructor and works well with stroke patients, people with traumatic brain injury and amputees. Stephanie has a great connection with the clients she serves because of her amazing spirit and kind loving patience."

-Antonietta Bruccoleri, CTRS

St. Charles Hospital